Design Matters with LAWRENCE WEINER

Published on 2017-11-14

When I first started my podcast Design Matters, I emailed many of the people I admired asking if I could interview them. A generous friend who worked with Lawrence Weiner gave me his email and I sent him an invitation to be on the show. Back when I first started Design Matters, I recorded the show in my office in the Empire State Building on two telephone lines. (!) Lawrence Weiner responded to my email via a phone call wherein he invited me to his studio to do the show rather than come to the Empire State Building. I immediately panicked as I had no way of being able to record the show in his studio. But before I explained my limitations, I realized I could ask one of my dear friends, the film maker Hillman Curtis, to potentially videotape a live interview. I agreed to meet Lawrence in his studio without knowing whether or not I could actually do the show, and called Hillman the second after I hung up with Lawrence. Hillman agreed to shoot the interview on the spot, and the video here is the result of our collaboration. Hillman and I went on to collaborate on seven projects over the course of our friendship, before his untimely death in 2012. I am so proud of this video and incredibly thankful that I had the chance to make this little film with Hillman and the brilliant artist Lawrence Weiner.