Design Matters with MARINA ABRAMOVIC

Published on 2017-12-11

Marina Abramowić once said, she only learns from things she doesn’t like. Pain. Silence. Blood. Over her nearly 50 year career she has chased after her fears, testing the limits of her mind, and body. She has methodically cut the skin between her fingers and on her abdomen. She has screamed until she had no voice. And she has sat silently for 736 hours, looking into the eyes of strangers. Marina’s performance challenges audiences with uncomfortable and illuminating experiences, and she has fundamentally changed the way the world sees and understands performance art. I talked to performance artist Marina Abramowić about her career, her art, her incredible body of work, and her long-durational projects. One of my favorite quotes of hers is this: “You go through a transformation that when you start you’re in one state of mind, when you finish it, something else happened.” I hope you enjoy this super-special episode of Design Matters, especially the beginning. And the transcript will be coming soon.