For the first time ever! Design Matters Q&A LIVE on Facebook with Simon Doonan and Richard Haines!

Published on 2018-02-13

Hello my friends! I hope you enjoyed the David Cay Johnston episode yesterday. Today, for the first time EVER, we will be broadcasting a live Q&A session my SVA Masters in Branding students have with my guests after my official Design Matters episode is finished.

The post-Design Matters Q&A with my students is very much like the Q&A sessions on 'Inside The Actors Studio.' After my guest and I exit the Design Matters sound booth, we sit for about 20 minutes with my students wherein they get to ask the guest anything they'd like to know. They raise their hands, the guest chooses a student and the Q&A unfolds. Most of the time my students ask questions I WISH I had asked, they are THAT good.

Today I am interviewing Simon Doonan, design ambassador at Barney's and the writer of six marvelous books. We will be broadcasting the live Q&A from the Design Matters FB page at approximately 3:30ish ET. Then, at 5:30 ET we will broadcast another live Q&A with fashion illustrator extraordinaire Richard Haines. It should be a very very fashionable afternoon.

Here are the links:
Design Matters Facebook page:
Simon Doonan:
Richard Haines: