Published on 2018-08-03

Hey guys, we're live here at Gen Con 2018 (and, I think Delta Green's 21st Gen Con, we're finally old enough to drink). We had an amazing first day in sales and games, and I was incredibly pleased to meet so many people whose names I recognize only from the internet.

Tonight, Delta Green is up for SEVEN ENnie awards for gaming excellence. Including:

-Best adventure

-Best electronic book

-Best game

-Best production values

-Best rules

-Best writing


-Product of the year

We couldn't have made these works without you, the fans of Delta Green, who make all of this possible in a very real and very direct way. So, from Shane Ivey and myself, thank you very much. We promise to keep the nightmares coming. 

We're here until the party stops on Sunday evening, all-day, everyday. If you're here, come on by Arc Dream Booth 1523.