Published on 2018-02-03

Welcome to the Delta Green Drip page! There's a bunch of posts here for you already (check out an entirely new scenario by Greg Stolze called SICK AGAIN!) In other news—

For those who pitched in on the Delta Green Kickstarter and bought what was then called THE CASE OFFICER'S HANDBOOK (but which is now called the HANDLER'S GUIDE), we have good news. You'll get a free slipcase along with a copy of the AGENT'S HANDBOOK and HANDLER'S GUIDE; pictured above.

It's currently in China being printed. We should have physical copies back to the creative team in April, and the finals back in May (it has to ship from China via boat). But the long, slow process of printing is underway (woohoo!)

If you'd like to pre-order the slipcase with both books, you can do it here: