Unplug! Take a child to see a play! Bringing literacy and live art to African American and Latino children by breathing life into a book.

The United States is falling dramatically behind in literacy skills. One in four adults cannot read above a 5th grade level, and research shows the single greatest indicator of a child’s future success is the literacy level of his or her parents. Camden Rep and YOU can address our nation’s literacy endeavor in a way that statistics show is relevant to urban communities and the residents we serve. UNPLUGGED! Unplugged creates an opportunity for families to read together. How do we achieve this: 1.We provide families with the book, A Princess and a Pea. 2. The residents come experience the book come to life through an electrifying production. 3.The residents receive an audible supplement to reinforce the book that assists with language, comprehension and vocabulary to in order to enhance their reading experience regardless of reading level. This award winning literacy initiative is acknowledged by the NJ State Arts Council with a Citation of Excellence 2015, 2017, 2018.

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