Hosted by Daniel Van Kirk, Jason Sklar, and Randy Sklar; Dumb People Town is a comedy podcast celebrating dumb culture, stupid criminals, and foolish behavior. Welcome to Dumb People Town, Pop: YOU

 Hello, from Daniel, Randy, and Jason!

What makes this podcast and "Town" so great is the community that has been built around it.  We love the DPT community and we started this D.rip campaign to give you all something back.  First to all of our loyal listeners ("townies") we wanted to give you the opportunity to have more of a role in the show and to interact with each of us.  Secondly, to right a wrong and give back to the unofficial/official mayor of Dumb People Town town and help the world be smarter, but more on that later!

So, here's why we're doing a campaign. 

Even though the stories are all dumb, the show takes serious work. Combing through hundreds of stories, finding ones that fit our show, breaking the story down and prepping it for the show takes work. It's work we love, and we want to do more of, but we need your help to do it! Also, we want to do more live shows and having a D.rip campaign will help give us the budget to travel more and meet all you. You are the backbone of this little town we've all created together. 

And in exchange for your support we'll be giving you bonus, merch, the opportunity to hang with us at shows, and even co-host part of an episode.

And now for the really great part, this campaign truly is about giving back! And our first recipient of our fundraising will be the patron saint of DPT, Jan Flato.  If you don't know the story of Jan Flato, check out this:

That is why every level of our subscriptions has a portion of money going to Jan to help get his 50k back. And when we raise the money for Mr. Flato we're going to throw a big party with a live show and present Jan with a huge novelty check. And after we've helped Jan, we're going to continue give by making quarterly donations to programs and organizations that are helping to make the world a smarter and better place.

This is the next evolution of Dumb People town, we look forward to having all of you join us on this endeavor. And remember you will always be able to download, listen to and  follow us on the original Dumb People Town Podcast feed at:


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