Dumbing of Age is a daily webcomic about going to college and learning everything you thought was true is wrong!

Dumbing of Age is a webcomic that updates seven days a week, 52 weeks a year!  It's about going to college and learning everything you thought was true is, in fact, not often true.  Some would say... wrong.

 Joyce Brown is a formerly homeschooled person whose first few months of college (so far) are the only public schooling she's ever known!  Jennifer "Billie" Billingsworth is a washed-up ex-cheerleader who has both an alcohol and a self-esteem problem.  Amber O'Malley becomes the campus superhero Amazi-Girl because she believes she is otherwise intrinsically bad.   And David "Walky" Walkerton... he just wants to watch cartoons, you guys, leave him alone.

If you're new to Dumbing of Age, don't worry, it's all up (minus the bonus strips) at archived for free!    You can start at the beginning right here!  Subscribing to this Drip is the best way to support this eight-years-and-counting webcomic.  You'll have opportunities to see monthly bonus strips not featured on the main website, see rejected strips and other special content, or pledge enough to see tomorrow's strip today, every day!  


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