Hi! I'm posting live painting vids, surrealist figure drawing, sketchbook snapshots + comics from my Human Being Experiment series. Join my original-art-postcard club for a mailbox upgrade!

My goal is to reach $500 a month or more--with this, I'll be able to open a figure drawing studio in Portland, with classes esp. suited for illustrators, cartoonists, & sliding-scale teen classes (focus on character + costume/fashion).

All funds contribute towards that goal while also providing ongoing funding for the posts you'll access here— sketchbook musings, tips and live vids. 

*If you wish checking your mailbox was more fun, consider my original-art postcard club option. Sections of my figure drawing sketchbook & other comics series are cut up into postcard-sized pieces and mailed every month -- each piece an original work.

***Founding members will get random presents throughout the year.

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