#100daysofemotion: project (getting there! just rounded the corner with #62)

Published on 2018-07-08

Here's the large sheet I set up about 2 months ago, with 59 blobs in various shapes and colors. I don't usually ponder one thing for this long, but of course there are many advantages to taking plenty of time with a challenge! This gave me a chance to think about what role the eyebrows and edges of the mouth play, in conveying expressions...now I'm looking into the larger realm of entire-body language and also adding props or larger context to get at more specific feelings.

I'm looking into prints that can be ordered through instagram (will check out a test print first, to see about quality) and then either offer the large poster, or smaller postcard (with 6 or 9 of these)—or both sizes? Give a holler if you have a preference.

I've moved on to 'emotionally charged situations' now, inspired by William Steig's  book: About People. (see examples here) More on this topic, soon.