Brutalist Architecture: sci-fi inspiration

Published on 2017-12-03

Once again, I'm looking to the Brutalist Architecture movement for sci-fi drawing references.
I love that these shapes are things I'd only be able to dream up on the page, yet—these are real buildings that some wild-thinking architects have made into a reality.

(This is a study from a graphic novel adaptation of a P.K.Dick short, that my brother and I are creating. See his DRIP page for more info on the book:

In January, when it'll be possible to upload a whole slideshow of images here, I'll be posting more indepth sharing.
For now, you can do some of your own research if you are curious!

(I think hyperlinks will be available in the future? For now, here's copy & paste-ables:)
and brief article on the history of, here: (hint, Le Corbusier is a star player)