Collaborative stuff with Paul du Coudray -- The Pipers in the Woods

Published on 2018-08-19

I've been talking this up for a bit, and there's more to come 'til it's published this fall. Thought I'd share our recent trippy results for page 34-35...neither of us had any idea what the page was supposed to look like initially, except a zoom-in on the pupil of the person being interrogated. Without any spoiler alerts, there's stuff in the plot involving plants, so I thought I'd play around with the similarity between blood vessels and plant roots. After trying stripes, stylized folk-art-plants, and multiplying shapes to make a sort of wallpaper pattern effect that made no sense...I passed it off to Paul (since its such a nice option to have when you are at an impasse and you have a fellow collaborator)....who stepped in to minimize, alter colors and textures, and add a creepy animalistic touch. 

Voila! Both of us are quite pleased with this spread now.

More soon,