D.rip coming to a conclusion.....!

Published on 2019-07-22

I have an announcement! D.rip is closing its doors in early October, and since I am moving home + studio in September, I'm going to bow out early in order to focus on life transition stuff.

Thank you all sincerely for joining this ride! I hope I've made some mailboxes more of a delight to check & provided some occasional refreshing inbox content.

Perhaps sad news, though it falls into the All-Things-Must-Change category, which is never not full of things. I'll still be on instagram, chatting about materials, process and Surrealism. Projects, books and such can be found at DocuComix.com

I'll mail out one final round of postcards in early August, and any digital-content subscribers who send me their mailing address this week -- ehaidle@gmail.com -- I'll pop something in the mail for you too.