Drawing exercises....trick your brain into doing something

Published on 2018-05-13

The older I get the more I realize there's a real need for a User's Manual for one's own brain. I have the advantage, over time, of figuring out tricks to getting it to do certain things it's resistant towards. Often, starting a drawing is the most intimidating part. I have been plotting a book on this subject and meanwhile, I'll be posting a few exercises I do for fun, to get the creative brain going (or also to procrastinate on the tough part of some bigger project...if I can get momentum going elsewhere, it's likely to transfer when I switch gears. Ha!)

These two started as a page full of little inked heads and a page full of blue dots. Then I added hypothetical hairdos and extra lines that made the dots into recognizeable things. Try it!

(maybe next post I'll attach a print-out-able sheet of just the heads and dots, so you can easily print and try? Let me know if that's of interest)