Drum roll....available to order now: The Pipers, my scifi graphic novel adaptation of a P.K.Dick short story

Published on 2018-12-12

(A rare mid-week post to let you know about today's Earlybird special...good through the end of the day.)

Guess what?! The Kickstarter campaign for my sci-fi graphic novel, The Pipers, is officially live! It was a collaborative effort with my brother, Paul du Coudray, and also involving my other brother, Jonathan Haidle (who composed an original score for the trailer)

Visit the Kickstarter page HERE 

We’ve been working on The Pipers for almost 2 years, and now we are ready to print the hardcover, full-color, 92 page graphic novel! E.books are also available. (plus we are giving away the musical soundtrack created by my brother Jonathan, and also the custom font we used in the book...included with every reward level)

Get yourself or a loved one, The Pipers book!

For our friends and family, there’s an ‘Early Bird’ special that will include four jumbo postcards at no extra cost. The tier is limited to 400 backers, and will expire at the end of the day on Wednesday, Dec 13th. If you miss this, don’t worry - there will be many other opportunities to back us on Kickstarter...including a ‘Future You’ portrait!

Finally, we know the holiday season is around the corner. If you think this would make a great gift, we’ll be creating a landing page & printable gift card with a “Coming Soon” message with images + music that you can send to loved ones while they await their gift. (see Kickstarter FAQ page)

If you are a superfan of the project, support us by sharing

We’re pulling our favor-of-the-decade request and asking that, if you feel compelled, to share this news to all of your own friends and family, colleagues, enemies, art lovers, Philip K. Dick fans and former art teachers. Here’s some options for sharing:

  1. Forward this in an email with the Kickstarter Link:
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  3. Reshare launch announcements from our social media accounts:
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Thanks for your support. Especially to those of you who have been supporting us 20 years or more… you know who you are :-) 


Elizabeth & Paul