Figure doodles / piles as brief breaks from regular projects

Published on 2018-03-18

I'll be posting every two or three weeks, next few months, while I hope to meet some stiff deadlines. I'd had surprise setbacks with re-drawing a cover design ten times....and still going back to the drawing board, it looks like. Of course, it's ultimately the most important image, and yet, when one is freelancing for flat contractual fees, there's that struggle with the hours ballooning from tweak requests...that starts to make keeping a normal or predictable impossibility. 

I stopped in for a stroll at the neighborhood cemetery (Lone Fir, oldest in Portland) for some perspective, before putting in a full work day today. Nothing like hanging out with some dead people to help adjust ones' sense of perspective on personal struggles...there will be a time to put everything down at some point, so I'm reminded to not rush myself to that ultimate moment.

Pardon the morbidity, hope this finds you in the midst of a decent Sunday afternoon :)