Figure Drawing pair

Published on 2017-12-03

If you ever get a chance to draw two models at once, go for the challenge! This was a couple, so they were comfortable interacting on the stage...I sometimes had to paint each person a separate color to keep their limbs distinct. In the end, a story seemed to emerge across my page of various poses. Tragic romance? Maybe.

*painted with Noodler's Ink: Dragon's Napalm & American Eel / Windsor & Newton: Turquoise
(btw, not paid to say this but I am a loyal fan of Noodler's Inks. I'm often asked about what I use, so if you order online, I recommend, since they have genius-level organization skills—showing swatches of each color and what each one looks like watered down. Plus, they sell tiny sample sizes if you are undecided. Very helpful. Every other online source I tried was not helpful. Save yourself some grief)