Figure Drawing postcards

Published on 2018-09-30

Hello all,

Here's a few cards I've trimmed to go into my original art postcard club -- the top was from a recent session with a tattooed model (although I added a few, since the pose was a longer one and I had time on my side) ...the second image is a scrap I found where I can't tell what's going folds, hands, arms, an areola and who knows what else.

Tried out my new watercolors from Case for Making, a truly one-of-a-kind art supply store in San Francisco. It took me a few years of 'meaning to buy' to actually take action, and now I'm sorry I didn't get them sooner. The different colors are sometimes grittier, sometimes more velvety, to spread across the paper surface—and they do very different tricks as compared to my liquid colors in little glass bottles. 

Try upgrading your subscription to the Original-art-in-the-mail to possibly receive one of these -- next mailing is this Wednesday, for the October edition.