Fun project involving super ridiculously cute fruit!

Published on 2019-03-03

Hi all,

Here's some watercolor process shots from my early rounds exploring a series of fruit characters—set to appear in a board book. Aiming for a fresh, watery feel, I painted loads of shapes and then tried out various facial solutions in photoshop (safely, on layers that can come and go easily, which suits my 'plowing forward with a vague idea in my mind of what I want' method)

Plum options
Plum options

Here's before and after -- plums above, and after scanning + tinkering digitally:

There's the matter of getting the eyes just right....classic-cartoony on the far left is a contender...shapely blue in the middle, ends up looking too sophisticated or feminine or both....far right is my favorite so far, so I tried it out on the other fruity shapes.

Early blueberry contenders....and my favorite, the tiny olive (have to admit, it was the highlight of my week. Small joys can be the best kind)

As always, let me know if there's any questions you have or anything you'd like to see more of!

I'll post more on this project, as things develop.