Human Being Experiment: featuring Self Help Books for Pessimists

Published on 2018-08-19

I've renewed my original aim of creating one strip per week, for what I'm loosely calling my art-therapy comic: "Human Being Experiment"...which, if I ever write a memoir—and yet I don't see how I'll ever want to do since my memory is crap—I'd definitely title it this.

Here's a before and after....the original study turned out nicely (which is uncommon) but I wanted to paint a larger context around each, like I was creating a promo photoshoot for each book...adding little touches like pens and vases with flowers, though with ironic juxtaposing, considering the bones on the dinner plate and such :)))

Next episode already in the works: Human Being Experiment - "Flavors of Outrage". I'll have it wrapped up by the next post, in two weeks. I'm taking suggestions, if you have any favorites. I find that 5am is the best time for me to research this topic.