Last week's figure drawing session with 'Otter' as the model

Published on 2018-01-21

I grabbed some challenging colors on the way to my favorite live drawing studio because I'm hoping to climb out of my pink/red/blue comfort zone, as of late. I ordered sample sizes of some new shades of Noodler's Inks: Polar Green (kinda minty, but darker) & Carmine Red (rather orange-leaning). A new brand of ink I'm trying is by Artemis, a greenish-black titled: Charles Dickens. I broke out the Noodler's Gold and Heart-of-Darkness black, to bring a circus-y feel to the whole scene.

If I ran my own live drawing studio, I'd definitely bring ducks and horses in to model alongside the nude people...until then, I'll just keep inserting them on my own pages.