New comix series

Published on 2018-01-07

While I'm waiting patiently for the upcoming feature to allow a slideshow of images to accompany a post, I thought I'd work around that by stacking a few things vertically.
(see my instagram account for a full slideshow of the comic)

I thought I'd post the title page and some of the raw sketchbook development here...I like getting to see people's process as I think it tends to make the whole act of expressing something...less blocked by doubt. Or rather, you see that doubt could be just fine in the early stages, if you allow all the thoughts and variations to flood the sketchbook page, and clean it up later in photoshop or (insert "other editing tools'"—whiteout and scissors are good too)

I'm not exactly sure what angle this series is taking, but I wanted to collect my personal 'art therapy' type doodles (usually me trying to visually interpret self help books) in a tone that can be either skeptical or promotional, depending on the book. I'm imagining this being a sort of 'how to' manual, very basic, like if an alien visited and they wondered about joining our human being society. Or it could be for babies, getting thrust into the human being experience, wondering what it is they'd signed up for. Or adults who may have doubts about whether they got the important memos that many others seemed to have gathered in adolescence. And maybe animals looking to switch species. Although they shouldn't because they probably have a better deal.

Anyhow, more on this soon, and pardon the wobbling evolution of it— I've learned to start things before achieving clarity, since groping around is certainly a fine way to get anywhere, as compared to sitting on one's duff.

Happy 2018