Next episode of Literary Giants as Kids, for Illustoria magazine issue #7

Published on 2018-01-28

This is an extremely advance sneak-peek, as I don't expect to see this in print until end of summer, but I just wrapped this up and wanted to share the first page. I've been featuring short comic bios of famous authors, focusing on how they started writing in childhood; previous issues include Maya Angelou, C.S. Lewis, Madeleine L'Engle, Mark Twain, and Beatrix Potter.

I'm changing things up a bit now and picking various topics, selecting a group of authors with interesting vignettes.
There's enough great material about authors and pets to necessitate a sequel, so I'm already researching the next one, with some notable writers & dogs. Meanwhile, here's a close-up of Twain and Hemingway (did you know he was basically a 'crazy cat lady'? He collected dozens of 6-toed white cats, specifically)

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