Process vid for final images in my #100daysofemotion challenge

Published on 2018-09-02

Hi all,

Took a quick vid of these simpler emoji-style emotions...I was eager to wrap up the #100dayproject since that turned out to be a whopping long time...but also was intrigued by the art of saying more with less, so I wanted to try minimizing. These little circular characters ensued, with tiny features. Over the past 4 months of this project, I did notice my emotional-intel vocab increasing, so that was a side benefit. And yet I ran out of ideas often & was prone to making up feelings like 'owlish'. It seemed logical at the time, but if I'm pressed to elaborate, I have no idea how to define that. Open to your thoughts, if you happened to see 'owlish' and think 'ah, yes, I can identify'?

Anyhow, Dr. Seuss paved the path on invented words, so we can all pick up that torch and such.

Next time, I'll post more vids of figurative stuff in action + extra sketchbook bits from live figure drawing sessions that I haven't posted anywhere else. (oooo, exclusive)

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***additionally, and if you've read this far, I'll be mailing some of my cut up risograph prints in neon colors to anyone who'd like one, while supplies last -- email me your address at ehaidle@gmail & I'll pop one in the post for you!




Re. the above video, notes for all you supply-geek types:

Brushes by Princeton Art & Brush Co. (round 8 and 4) -- this is my second fav brush, will chat about my top pick nxt time

Noodler's Inks (saturated watercolor) - 54th Massachusetts (blue) + bit of Heart of Darkness (black)

Aquabee Paper, 93 lb  (I've been keeping track of ink+paper combos....a lot of how the ink performs and even the exact hue can change dramatically from one type of paper to another)