Progress on my Tarot For All deck

Published on 2019-06-25

Since this is the project that's on my mind the most these days, I thought I'd post a more in-depth look, here. I have personally been using the Rider-Waite deck for 8 years now, so my new deck—while updated to suit a younger audience or beginners of any age—is heavily drawn from the archetypes and symbols found in the deck I am used to. 

I wanted to let go of some of the major arcana figures that would have a lot of unhelpful cultural associations clinging to them (Devil gets updated to Greed, Lovers is more easily grasped through the concept of Unity, etc)

The figures in the scenes are more adaptive to any gender / ethnicity and the ages follow 'phases of life' rather than something overly specific. The key to using Tarot as a sense of constructive 'play' and an intuition-building practice, is to be able to project oneself into the scene on the I've been following the aim to create scenarios that more types of people can identify with.

Magician - 

I decided to expand the role of this card, and equate the work of 'Magic' with something that's even more easily understood today. Musician = Magician. Working with 'tools' to create one's desired reality is akin to the creating of harmony with instruments.

Hermit -

This figure is related to the Magician in many ways, yet older and with more road traversed. Here, a cave implies that there may have been a respite from the world, a drawing within, before returning to climb a peak. At the top, there is perspective—also a vantage point to light the way for others (lantern).

As you can see, I'm not going about this in any particular made sense to follow my own practice and illustrate whatever I happened to pull for the week and was already mulling over.

Next post: lotta cups!  I have sketches for 7 of cups, Ace of cups, and 'Guardian of Cups' (updated from Queen)




*Postcard Club Subscribers: look for your mailbox-art around the middle of the month, since I'm traveling the first week of July. (I'll be in Berlin, attending figure drawing sessions there, so I'll sprinkle some German quotes in all the random speech bubbles! Gonna really dig deep & see if anything is left in my brain from foreign language classes in high school)