Resurfacing, as The Pipers graphic novel files are wrapped up & sent to the printers

Published on 2019-05-27

Hello after a long news-hiatus!

The final stages of The Pipers drew out over the last 2 my brother and I felt briefly elated over the finish of the campaign & the polishing up of the 80 pages of full color illustrations.

We then faced the remaining "details" (which took over February through May somehow): layout, pagination, cleanup, copyediting, and very dull other things like margin-adjusting/re-sizing. 

The cover was the hardest part. We both wanted something abstract-leaning and minimal, yet wondered, what shapes and colors would really represent the entirety of the tale?

After filling pages with colored rings and tunnels in vertical and horizontal shapes, we threw in the towel and returned to a quick inking from the very first couple months of exploring the story idea. I don't know that either of us feel 100% confident about this, but in the end, sometimes you pick whatever annoys you least and that's the definition of the winner. Maybe it'll grow on us. I do think that the old 'less is more' rings true for book covers especially. 

It's out of our hands now and in production with an overseas printer in India. We'll have the book in hand this summer and be sure to give a holler when we start mailing copies to our backers. 


Next month's post will explore progress on my Tarot for All deck—as it gathers a heap of rejections from various publishers I've pitched it to, I've decided to keep on progressing anyway, since I'm making the deck I've always wanted to have, while also adapting it for older kids and teens to use. I'm giving myself permission to use up the  first 20 minutes of every weekday to this project, since it feels like the thing I really want to do next. It feels good not to wait for someone else to give me the green light.

More on that soon,