Revisiting this spread, well worth it

Published on 2018-09-30


Here's a polished version of page 53-54 for my scifi graphic novel collab with Paul du Coudray (The Pipers in the Woods, by PK Dick). I've taken several passes at this spread, and then walked away for a matter of weeks or months, only to keep noticing little color tweaks to make, polishing random stuff, character inconsistencies to fix. Such is the way of long-term projects, which I both resent and crave!

Here's a zoom of character dialogue. I scanned the basic blob shapes, rendered in watercolor, then added facial features in photoshop, cause I have to constantly tweak that stuff or just copy and paste someone's cheeks, say, if I can't replicate it twice. Fun Fact: I'm not above copy & paste if that works best! Sorry all you purists out there.

(I realize Commander is misspelled)
(I realize Commander is misspelled)

Over n out, see you in 2 weeeks