The analog-digital dance...aiming for half and half, these days

Published on 2018-05-27

I've been meaning to post some before/after shots, regarding raw scanned art & photoshop altering/cleanup.

These days, I work with one foot in the digital realm & one foot out (better metaphor: hand?) In order to stay open to the 'happy accidents' (also means navigating unhappy ones), I've been inking quick tonal silhouette type figures and then altering the color + adding final details in photoshop (often fixing hands & fingers that went awry with the paintbrush).

I'm always curious to hear what other mixed-media artists are up to so I'm offering some of my behind-the-scenes here. Let me know if there's anything specific you'd like to hear about, whether a technical thing in photoshop, or materials/techniques questions, I'd be happy to customize these posts.