The Disappointed Species....series

Published on 2018-09-17

Thought I'd gather up some of my cartoons that the New Yorker rejected, and make use of them here! The premise of my idea was deemed too obscure for a one-panel comic, so I've tried grouping two together under a vague theme. My idea was that what makes us unique as a species is not so much our ability to reason or have aesthetic sensibilities, but our tendency to be disappointed in all situations, even the best of circumstances.

I really enjoyed seeing the Gus Van Sant movie about Portland's famed cartoonist John Callahan, (movie titled "Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far On Foot") and it inspired me to be more prolific and continually experiment with combining words & images (sometimes the right title makes all the difference) and also -- I had a real moment during the film, watching this scene where  Callahan divides his drawings into 3 piles. He had a pile for 'Good', 'Bad', and 'Not Ready'. There was a comic in the 'Not Ready' pile that found it's perfect fit only after Callahan was invited to an awards ceremony and chose use it for the opening scene in his speech (you'll have to watch it to see how perfectly it suits the situation). 

Now I'm planning to keep my own 'Not Ready' pile, and see how the ideas can develop over time. I love how realistic that is, and how hopeful. Plus that means I can pull out more of the 'Bad' stuff  that's already filling up my trash, and stick it in that pile for 'hopeful, if given more time'.