The Pipers....Kickstarter campaign continues...

Published on 2019-01-06

Hi all,

I've been occupied with the running of this campaign (self promo is such very taxing and time consuming work....but a necessary part of this type of work!)

Anyhow, there's ups and downs to self publishing of course (give a holler if you'd like to hear a more detailed rundown of our Kickstarter experience?)

But the upside involves the freedom to do it our way, with full artistic control. For a fuller experience, we are sending an audio file with background music to read sci-fi by, and also downloadable custom font we used in the book -- since there's such a lack of good fonts that have a handlettered feel.

If you've been procrastinating, you still have 17 days left to order, from the $1 to the $24 hardback 92-page full-color printed book.

I'll get back to more behind the scenes tales, live vids, and Surrealist figure drawing...once we wrap this up.

Oh - here's the link to the campaign, if you haven't visited already: ThePipers