Tiny figures for sci-fi graphic novel with Paul du Coudray (my brother)

Published on 2018-08-05

Helloooooo -- been traveling in NewMex for past several weeks, visiting friends and fitting in a work-intensive on this project. (You'll hear more about this as we finish by end of September). Figure drawing in my neighborhood has been on a hiatus (starts this coming Wed tho, very ready to get back to it)...so I've taken to extreme measures, like dressing my boyfriend up in my old yellow leather trenchcoat and shooting photos while he runs with my luggage set. So nice to know accommodating people who will do such things in their spare time.

For personal amusement, I've squeezed in more robot moments (none appear in the original Philip K. Dick short story that we are adapting). I've based them on early ideas of robots from the 40's and 50's...back when humankind had naive ideas about machines serving them while retaining dumb or single-track minds. Looks like the future will probably be the opposite of this idea, but let's not get into that yet...

Here's a peek at two of the pages from last week. I do wish cars were more exciting than they are. I have to live that dream out on the pages of this book, for now.