Creating story constellations out of stars, words, and scribbles.

"I didn't let them tell me what kind of artist I could be. I became the artist I am. Just me..." -from Unraveling Light

My name is Elayna and I am a storyteller of many mediums. I write poetry & YA fiction. I draw doodles & paint with watercolors. I produce podcasts & direct short films. In my life, I've found a lot of different kinds of art that make my heart feel on fire, and it is my hope to make a living by giving stories to the world. 

When I published my first collection of poetry last year, Unraveling Light, it was the most rewarding thing I'd ever done, and it sparked something in me that I want to chase in 2019. Here on drip, we can make that happen together.

Knowing that someone is there to read my work or to sneak peek something I'm working on is the best kind of motivation in the universe, which makes sites like drip so perfect for creators like me. By subscribing here, you're basically giving me a high five through the internet, saying you are interested in the stories I have to tell. That can be inspiring as heck. 

*TV announcer voice* But wait! There's more! 

Not only will subscribing help me create new works for you, but you will also get some additional magical perks in return! These things range from a monthly newsletter featuring new writings & art, to joining an exclusive Facebook group for writerly encouragement, to even getting one on one feedback sessions with me about your own writing projects! All the details for those perks are to the right, and currently these exclusive perks are only available here on drip & on my Patreon.

Thank you so much for visiting my page friends, and I look forward to all the magical stories we'll build here together. 


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