Online archive of rare Graphic Design projects from the team behind Revue Faire. Get a new link every two months!

To Look at Graphic Design Revue Faire is a graphic design magazine published twice a month by Empire which adopts an analytical and critical posture on the different aspects of the graphic design practice. In addition to the printed magazine, Revue Faire is using Drip as an exclusive archive featuring iconic and rare graphic design projects which we will publish on a bimonthly basis. Our drip will consist of books and objects featured throughout the 15 issues of Revue Faire and it will give exclusive high resolution access to the different projects which are partially shown in the printed magazine. This will include designs from the likes of Mevis & Van Deursen (Netherlands), M/M Paris (France), the Original NASA Manual and Paul Rand’s IBM Manual.

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  • Scanning the first 208 pages!

    Issue n.°3 of Revue Faire is launching in 7 days in which we feature the work of the iconic Dutch studio Mevis & Van Deursen,...