Art about intimacy and technology

Hi! I'm Faith and I'm an artist working in many media--GIFs, videos, sculptures, photography, more--all revolving around ideas of intimacy and technology. I exhibit my work nationally and internationally, participating frequently in gallery exhibitions, screenings, online shows, panels, workshops, etc.

As a subscriber, you'll get a first look at works in progress and finished works and you will be directly supporting my practice. My work addresses the ways we use our technology and the implications of those uses, such as chatting with lovers and friends, looking at pornography, caressing our screens, sleeping next to our devices, performing updates and backups, and imaging and imagining ourselves.

What you can expect immediately:
- Exclusive how-to GIFs and videos related to my solo exhibition Speculative Fetish, currently open at Transfer Gallery in Brooklyn, which provide instructions for how to make a series of GIF-sculptures, The Fetishes
- Most Beautiful Dick Pics of All Time, a series of GIFs

What might be coming up in 2018:
- A photo series comparing the materiality of flesh and pixels
- Excerpts from a long form video work about the AI toy Hello Barbie
- New sculptural works that treat technology in bodily ways and with bodily materials
- Video of a funeral ceremony for my dead phone

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