Happy New Year!

Published on 2019-01-03

Happy 2019, Drip Supporters!

Thank you for joining me in my process and supporting my work this past year.

While 2018 felt slow and difficult--as years always are after completing solo exhibitions for me--I am starting of 2019 strong with fresh ideas.

Right now I am doing research on producing a "line" of plushie toys of different technologies, beginning with the iMac G3. The iMac G3 holds a particular significance for me because I see it as a major technological design achievement--a historical moment when the physical appearance of a computer played a role in its marketing and consumer desirability. Indeed, I remember desperately wanting a G3 when it came out. I even remember the store display at the Wiz, a now defunct electronics store, and it's total unattainability (at the time, we were a devout PC family).

These plushies will be what I am tentatively calling Huggable Media, inspired in part by a 1990s Newsweek illustration of a man hugging a glowing computer for an article about online pornography. I also plan to produce keyboards, mouses, wires, phones, and other technologies TBD. I am in touch with a number of manufacturers and artisans to produce the first sample, a process I've never navigated before.

I'm also in the pre-planning stages for multimedia aquarium works. These works would combine traditional fish tank accessories with embedded moving images and technological artifacts. The works will visualize the physical reality of the internet's underwater cables and their ecological tolls. Acting as a corrective to ideas of the "cloud" or "cyberspace," these pieces would create a new visual model for thinking about what the internet is. I'm currently looking for studio residencies in NYC that would provide some space in which to make these works.

Finally, I plan to go back to making more of the Most Beautiful Dick Pics of All Time. Obviously, there's more work to be done there.

Again, thanks for supporting the work this past year. If you don't already, I hope you'll consider supporting these new projects or bumping up your level of support!