I build stuff...mostly software.

Software is my art. Code my paint. Your technology platforms & devices my canvas. In an ideal world, the things I build delight and entertain people, or add value to their lives in some way or fashion. But if I'm being totally honest, sometimes I just build things to check out or learn a new technology, platform, or programming language. Or to share my opinion or take -- in code -- with how to solve a given problem or present an alternative view. And sometimes, it's just because it's fun, it's how I relax & spend my free time, and yeah I'll admit, I'm just a little obsessed with building stuff. The bottom line is that I write code every single day and I'm always looking for ways to improve, to get faster, to do more. I throw out or archive more code than I push out to the world. I take a lot of wrong turns, and I waste a lot of time on things that turn out to be bad or silly ideas, but (hopefully) from all of that also comes a few gems that we all get value and entertainment out of too. On average I put out a new service, app, product, or 'whatever' about three to four times a year, but it really depends on what I'm exploring at a given time and how much inspiration my tribe (that I hope you are about to become a part of) is giving me at a given point in time. So that's where you come in. I'm looking for you, through Drip, to become an even more integral part of my journey, my story, and my inspiration -- together I believe we can find, and help define, the soul of software. That we can build software that makes the world a tiny bit better for everyone...and of course learn some stuff and have a ton of fun along the way!

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