Choose wisely...

Published on 2019-01-18

I'm currently in the middle of what feels like about 50 different projects, none of which are very close to finish...and so, honestly, my overall internal morale is a bit low right now. The only option is to continue to push through knowing that, eventually, they'll all get over the finish line.

Given that situation, I thought one way to help push through the pit of dispair on at least one of the many, many projects I'm interested/active in, would be to have you all help me decide on which one to focus on and push through to completion over the next few posts.

So - I've picked three ideas/projects that I'm *super* interested in messing around with, and have in some 'active dev' state already...I'm going to share the very high level of each, and ask you all to vote (either via the comments below or by texting, emailing, tweeting or in some other way communicating your opinion to me)...and whatever one gets the most votes will be the one I spend my " time" on over the next few posts until the project you pick gets to the next proper stopping point.

Sound good? Then let's vote!

Here are the three ideas for the next few posts:

1. Port my text based game engine (bearded wookie) into a Jovo 2 Plugin.

The idea, when complete, should make it easier to build adventure/puzzle games for voice based assistants like Alexa and the Google Home. To design a game, the majority of the work will be all about defining your map, puzzles, and items in a JSON file (and then the small integration work of the Plugin with your voice app). I will also make the Plugin open source so that the community as a whole can help expand and maintain it (if it catches on with anyone).

2. Spec, design, and then build an MVP for a "Remote Audio Data" server (

I believe there is a great opportunity to be one of the first movers in the RAD Tag space, especially as a true independent player for publishers.  So the idea would be to create a very bare bones service that helped people put RAD Tags into their audio (probably podcasts and ads for the most part) as well as a very bare bones tracking/reporting system to collect and review how those tags are performing out in the wild.

3. V1 of the Crypto Game Objects Smart Contract (for the Ethereum network)

I've been idle on this project for almost an entire year now, but the potential for this is still just as strong as ever...and in many ways, the timing is getting closer and closer to being "right".  The biggest roadblock at the moment is really just getting the actual Ethereum smart contract entirely written, tested, and then released into the that would be goal here.

So - there you have it. Three ideas I really love, have done at least a little bit of thinking about and/or prep work on as well...and plan to *eventually* finish.

Which one is most interesting to you?  Which one should I "focus" on for the next few posts? Which one makes the most sense as a series of videos/audio with walkthroughs and explanations of "my process"?  Which one would you learn the most from me digging into or that would be the most useful to you out in the wild?

Let me know...and then, let's do this! :-)