Ending the experiment.

Published on 2019-04-23

TL,DR: I'm ending my drip experiment. You should unsubscribe so you stop being charged (sorry - I don't have an option to turn it off for you; I looked).

I've been thinking a lot about this little drip experiment and what to do with it the past few weeks.

On the one hand, the tiny bit of cash it gives me each month does pretty much cover my AWS fees...and the bi-weekly deadline to have *something* to write about -- something to share -- has forced me to keep active on a bunch of things that probably would be sitting idle much much longer otherwise.

Yet it doesn't really feel like I'm accomplishing anything (useful). It feels like I'm in a rut with it.

Worse, I've started to slip on my personal deadlines and I've kind of hit a wall on ways to bring (what I perceive as) value to my backers.

These are two really big things that cause me a lot of personal angst and grief -- and so I've come to the decision that, though I've had a ton of fun throughout the last year plus trying to figure out this drip concept and sharing my side projects/thoughts with you, I believe it's time to shift the focus I've spent here into other things.

Of course I'll continue to do side projects and I'll continue to blog (at falicon.com). I just won't have any sort of reliable schedule for either for the foreseeable future -- and it won't cost you anything (except the time/interest to pay attention; which I hope you do still do).

Again - I really appreciate all of you that stuck with me, and played along, throughout the experiment.

Going in I thought it would be more about the art side of my side projects (the what and why) -- but I believe it ended up being more about the 'teaching' or 'explaining' part (the how and where).

You all helped to be my sounding board, QA department, and most importantly my muse.  You helped me figure out video & audio posting - you allowed me to play more with audio - you encouraged me to go deeper into how I do certain things (and that in turn forced me to make each thing a little better).

I intend to carry all of these things forward in my work and in my head.

So again - I deeply thank you and I also hope you got at least a little something out of it as well.

Though I'm closing this chapter, I hope we will stay in touch and you'll continue to follow along with my future antics via Twitter, my blog, and even directly via email (where I hope you know that you can *always* email me about anything at any time and I'll do whatever I can to help).