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Published on 2019-03-21

I recently took a little time to write a super light-weight blogging platform (for my own use).  I wrote a little bit about it here...but thought I would also share just how tiny the code that powers it all is.

So first, a couple things about my goals in building this:

1. I wanted a super simple way to blog.

2. I intentionally tried to go as bare bones with the design as possible (it should feature the content over the design; it helps things load even faster, and it's more representative of my lack of design skills anyway).

3. I didn't want to write or have to maintain a lot of code just to host my own little blog (with it's tiny readership)...and I did not want to install or have to deal with the bloat of any of the big, existing, open source blogging frameworks.

4. All that being said, I did want to have some basic functionality (obv. read posts; see list of old posts; be able to post text, images, videos and audio clips; email subscription for new posts; and at least a tiny bit of support for some vanity metrics).

So here's what it currently looks like:

Screenshot of the new
Screenshot of the new

The backend is a very simple Python Tornado app.  The basic controller looks like this:

The controller code (python)
The controller code (python)

...and the HTML Template is also pretty basic:

The View Template (HTML, Bootstrap CSS)
The View Template (HTML, Bootstrap CSS) you can see it's a pretty bare bones Bootstrap template (not shown is the small amount of jquery used to asynchronously log the 'like').

Again - not the most elegant code or approach...and def. not the most full featured blog...but believe it not, this covers prob. about 90% of everything I needed/wanted.

Now that it's up and being used...of course there are a few little extras I kinda want to, eventually, I'll add support for uploading assets directly to my own S3 bucket (so I can more easily include links to images, video, audio, etc. directly from my own S3 storage spot -- right now I have to upload those sorts of things directly through AWS and then I can reference them in my posts).

I will also - eventually - include some type of search feature (probably using Amazon CloudSearch -- in the meantime you have to rely on Google to search past posts or just hunt and peck through the previous posts list).

And I think that will be it (at least for now).

So - what do you think?  Any crucial features I'm missing?