Ten steps to your first Jovo Plugin

Published on 2019-03-01

As a reference point, below are the ten steps I speed through in the video:

1. Create a folder for your project

2. Create a package.json file that contains the details of your project and the npm modules you'll rely on

3. Create tsconfig.json files in your root directory

4. Create a src folder (this is where your raw typescript code will be located)

5. Create your actual plugin code (within the src folder)

6. From your root folder, install your npm packages (run npm install)

7. From your root folder, compile your project (run tsc)

8. In a new folder, create a new jovo project to test your plugin with

9. npm link your newly developed plugin to your new jovo test project

  A. from your root folder, run npm link

  B. from your test project folder, run npm link pluginExample

10. Test it all out!