Working and waiting.

Published on 2018-08-31

It's been about eight months since I started this drip experiment, so I figured it's worth taking a few minutes today to recap how it's going, what I've learned, what I've built, and maybe a little bit about where I'm planning on going with it next.

(and truth be told, I'm a little lite on ideas for what else to write about this week as I've been limping towards the end of summer and looking towards getting some normalcy back to my routine and schedule)

So without further ado, here's a quick recap of my eight months on drip:


fuzzypop - I built a quick and dirty system (including a chrome browser extension) to help me track links and things of interest I wanted to be able to quickly reference and share with you all in my posts.  I used it a lot for the first few months of posting, but feel out of the habit somewhere towards the end of spring, and haven't really gone back to it (yet).  I still really like the general idea of a modern, lightweight, and focused delicious system - but this version is still a little clunky and not quite there just yet.  I'm not going to kill it, as it's not costing me anything to keep it up and running...but it does need "something" before I think other people might adopt it.

So for now, it's in the back of my head and sort of just incubating there.

Alexa stuff - As I was gearing up for doing this drip stuff, I was also doing a lot of Alexa related of course my early posts spent awhile talking about some of those things.  I think officially, in the 8 months, I released Baseball Mania, Football Notes, Veritonic Audio Survey, Quick Break, Secret Code, and upgraded the Math Mania and Football Mania skills at least a little bit.

So on one hand, that's not too shabby from a 'production' standpoint...on the other hand, none of them have great traction or gained that much attention.

Baseball Mania was probably my biggest let down here, as I was really excited about the level of detail and strategy that went into that system...but very (I mean *very*) few people took to it.  Honestly the gameplay just isn't that interesting (and all the cool detail and strategy that I put into it is mostly masked by that fact; it's all non-obvious, non-visible to the actual player).

Sill - I personally love Football Mania and will likely continue to upgrade and improve it over time (if for nothing else, than personal satisfaction/interest).

I've also thought about other little Alexa skills that might be interesting or worth building...especially because they're really easy to throw there's a really strong chance I'll put out at least a few more in the near future (so if you've got ideas or requests, don't be shy sharing them!).

Crypto Game Objects - I've been interested in the crypto space for a long time now...and over the last year or two, the tools and information has stabilized enough that I felt like I could finally start building "something" there.  So the first thing was really just a quick hack called - it was interesting but not really meant to be anything more than a way for me to play and learn (which it did well).  Crypto Game Objects is a much more ambitious idea -- and something I've been thinking about since I first started to grep the whole crypto concept.

However, if I'm being totally honest with myself, it was probably a bit too ambitious as a 2nd (and side) project for me...especially given the still fluctuating state of the crypto universe.

I was able to quickly get the core concepts and pieces in place, but have struggled since then to actually stitch them all properly together and get the thing *actually* launched.

Some of it has to do with my time and focus, and some of it has to do with my own confidence and commitment (I'm second guessing every bit of a v1 contract; and that's really preventing me from releasing).

As a kid, I would often climb up to the top of the high dive and then, being afraid of heights, stand up there for awhile deciding if I would dive (or just jump)...sometimes I would chicken out and just jump feet first...other times I would suck it up and do the actual dive (really hoping I wouldn't break my neck)...but the one thing I *always* did was...jump.  So, eventually I will get a v1 of Crypto Game Objects into production.

It probably won't be great or even half as cool as I imagine it in my mind...but it will be a something...and a start.

Godot game work (and garage band stuff) - I spent a good part of the summer messing around with the Godot game engine and garage band (then logic pro x).  I've always been interested in building games, and I was also hoping to use the summer to help get my oldest son even more into programming (and building games).

We didn't get as far as I had hoped - it didn't go as well as I had hoped.

We did get some small parts of a game built, and we have the basic building blocks under our belts so we could make more/other games...but he wasn't as into it as I thought he would be (teenagers are *hard* to motivate).  I'm not going to drop the dream (or my interest in building games), but I'm also not going to push either of my kids into something they themselves are not that motivated to do.

So for now there is no schedule to actually release the game we were working on...and though I do want to release at least a game or two using GoDot, I've got no real schedule for it right now (that is, unless YOU all are interested in it, and then I'll move it all up the priority list).

Share Game Tape (and - Coachwizard has been an idea rolling around in the back of my head since my first child was born (so almost 15 years now).  Four or five years ago, I finally got around to building a first version of the system.  I used it for my own coaching, and evolved it a bit through the years to meet more of the specific needs I saw and heard about from other youth coaches (and parents)...but it's yet another system that has never quite hit the mark (yet).

The biggest thing to gain interest/traction from it was really just the video review and sharing features - and so that is what motivated me to start putting together a system that is more focused around just that one thing.  Moving it to it's own system also gives me a chance to fix up some problems areas, improve the code/approach with 'modern' ideas and tech, and of course make some new workflow and process decisions (also known as mistakes).

Being that it's now football season, and for the first year in many years, I'm not actually coaching this season...I've been spending some of that time building out this new system instead.  It's getting *really* close to ready for v1 production...and so I expect in the next week or two I'll be putting out word to the general public.

The bigger problem here is going to be marketing and/or gaining adoption (especially with this early version).  Hudl seems to have a really strong hold on the market (but is *super* expensive, clunky, and ripe for being disrupted)'ll be an uphill battle for sure, but one worth working on.

Veritonic - It's been an active and very productive eight months on the (actual) start up front.  We've made a number of product updates, raised a round of funding, and continued to add to the team.  My day-to-day has shifted a bit from pure development to a heavy mix of meetings, management, and development...but these are all great things for the health (and trajectory) of a startup.

Over the next year or so, we'll hopefully continue on all these fronts (well except for raising money; hopefully we'll just use client's subscription fees to cover that part)...and I'll try to pick-and-choose some of the more interesting things I get into around all of that to share with you here now and then.

In the meantime...I think that's, more or less, about everything we've covered in the past eight months or so here.

I don't know about you, but it's been fun, educational, and useful for me.  I like "talking" to you about the random things rumbling around in my head, the challenges I'm hitting, and some of the decisions I'm faced with.

That being said, I'm pretty sure most of you aren't really getting enough value out of backing me here yet (I've lost a handful of backers over the eight months, and haven't gained too many to replace them)...and I *really* want to change, if there's something...anything...I can do to bring more value to your day (or even just a moment of your day)...please...PLEASE...please do let me know in the comments below (or via an email or something).

I'll be here.

Working and waiting.