Video essays, streams, bad tweets, and graphic arts engaging with media and the way that it engages with us: in the microcosm of the moment and in the macrocosm of waves and movements.

For the last seven years I've been engaged in a running project celebrating great trash, digging for hidden gems, deconstructing the craft of storytelling, and analyzing the political intersections of media (especially as it relates to the business of art). Folding Ideas and its counterparts aren't any one thing, but are engaged with picking apart the base strands of narratives that make up the world of information that we live in.

This is primarily long-form video essays, but includes live streams of bad, forgotten, or odd video games, Tweet threads, and blog posts.

Also my cat, Amy, is really, really adorable and I post a lot of pictures of her.



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$14.95 per month - Amy gets all the kibble she needs to stay happy and healthy. Anything above this goes towards living expenses, equipment, props, books, and other material needs.

$1200 per month - Dan hires a co-writer.

$35,000,000 flat - Purchase the film rights to Ursula K. Le Guin's classic fantasy novel 'The Tombs of Atuan' and turn it into a feature film that does justice to the novel's themes and characters.



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