Caturday - 18 August 2018 and Fifty Shades Extras

Published on 2018-08-18

Above photo: Amy just after getting home from being spayed last year.

The Fifty Shades books are such a mess that I've found myself spending a lot of research time working on laying out the timeline of events in various formats. I have a document with the events of Fifty Shades Darker the movie listed in point form, scene-by-scene, I have the events of the  book listed by chapter, and I have the events of the trilogy listed by diegetic date. Since the characters spend so much time communicating by email, and since Snowqueens_Icedragon decided to include the header of every single email the two send there are a lot of date references in the books. Now, that's a good thing if you want to lay out the events in their actual temporal relationship, but it's a bad thing in that it calls attention to just how quickly/slowly things move.

I have that slash in there because the time moves quickly, while the chapters drag. June 11th, for example, runs from the middle of chapter 4 through the middle of chapter 8, from page 86 to 187.

What's interesting to me is that this compression, following every waking moment of Ana's life, becomes more pronounced as things go on. I spent so much time in the first video talking about Master of the Universe because it's the keystone to all the weird structural issues of these books and films. Darker is so odd because it's the point in writing where MotU became a zombie fic, a serial soap opera endlessly updating with no goal or purpose. And once you're writing just to write, with no plot or story to pursue, the compensation is to write out every last action. And that's why June 11th takes one hundred and one pages to cover.

So, with that preamble, here's the current draft of the Fifty Shades timeline.

  • May 9 - Ana interviews Christian for the school paper
  • May 13 - Jose mentions his exhibit is “next month”
  • May 14 - Christian shows up at Clayton’s hardware store
  • May 15 - Christian’s photo shoot/coffee date with Ana
  • May 19 - Ana and friends drinking at the bar/Christian kidnaps Ana
  • May 20 - Helicopter ride to Seattle/Ana’s first time having sex
  • May 22 - Christian sends Ana a computer
  • May 24 - Ana and Christian “negotiate” in restaurant
  • May 26 - Graduation/drinking negotiation/Christian buys Ana a car/spanking
  • May 27 - Email arguments about the spanking
  • May 29 - Dinner with Christian’s family/boat house scene
  • May 30 - Ana interviews at SIP/Flies to Georgia
  • June 1 - Christian shows up in Georgia
  • June 2 - Ana hired at SIP “starts Monday”/tampon scene
  • June 3 - end of Georgia trip
  • June 4 - Ana and Christian break up/Fifty Shades of Grey ends
  • June 6 - Ana’s first day at SIP (off page)
  • June 7 - Darker starts “day three post-Christian”
  • June 8 - Christian emails Ana the day before Jose’s show and offers to drive her to Portland
  • June 9 - Christian drives Ana to Portland for Jose’s show/they get back together
  • June 10 - Encounter with Leila in the street/drink with Jack/Christian buys SIP
  • June 11 - Christian takes Ana to Elana’s salon/Lipstick roadmap/makeover/ben wa balls/Masquerade Ball/Ana’s car is destroyed by Leila
  • June 12 - Night in hotel/Ana is given birth control injections/day on boat/pool table sex
  • June 13 - New York trip argument/trip cancelled/Elena shows up at Escala
  • June 14 - Leila breaks into Ana’s place with a gun, Christian proposes that night after his “sub mode” meltdown
  • June 15 - Jack attacks Ana
  • June 16 - Ana promoted to acting editor/Dr. Flynn conversation
  • June 17 - Christian’s helicopter crashes (retcon: it was Jack)
  • June 18 - Engaged/Christian’s Birthday/Confrontation with Kate/Confrontation with Elena/Darker ends
  • August 10-ish - wedding/Freed starts
  • August 17 - email at end of honeymoon/Jack firebombs server
  • August 22 - Ana promoted at work
  • August 26 - Jack’s break-in early morning
  • August 27 - start of weekend in Aspen
  • September 10 - Ana’s birthday
  • September 13 - Pregnant “four or five weeks” (Aug 9-16)
  • September 15 - kidnapping
  • September 21 - email before epilogue