My Presentation at SGDQ 2018 and Reflections

Published on 2018-07-02

On the whole the run went absolutely stellar. I was expecting I'd be sitting much closer to the screen than I was, the idea being that I'd be able to prop my notes up against the screen itself and keep them out of view. Having them on my lap worked out well enough, though, minus the two great jokes that I forgot because I was still settling into the run as a whole.

Those jokes were "this is Amy's first appearance at something that isn't a worst-of list" and a joke about my place as the third-best Amy speedrunner in the world, out of three. As solid as those are, I don't think their absence was felt.

I should say that I'm particularly proud of how well chapter 5 landed. Crystal was a trooper. I had written the gag only a couple days before the event, and only tested it a couple times myself to make sure it would even work, but Crystal played it perfectly after only a single practice run at 4am, an hour before the actual presentation. Her stellar performance earned her the adulation of Twitch chat and the meme title Rap Goddess, which she wore with pride for the rest of the week.