The Legend of Chun-Li Draft 01

Published on 2019-01-05

So, this is the first in an attempt at re-doing an old video. This isn't just a remake, but it's not a re-visiting either. This is more like a second edition. I'm probably more anxious about this than previous experiments because I'm worried that people will feel "cheated" by doing stuff like this, but I have a bunch of old/forgotten  videos where I feel like the arguments could be better, could be stronger, or were maybe a bit off-base. I decided to start with Chun-Li because it had a few gags that I find off-putting in retrospect, a few arguments that are presented well, but ultimately pretty weak, and the audio on the original was terrible.

I don't have any plans to take down the old videos that get this treatment (at least insofar as the ones that are available and not lost to copyright hell), but rather present the new one as the default and change titles/descriptions on older versions to indicate that they're a prior edition.

I keep saying "edition" because that's the thought process going through my mind. If my YouTube channel is the pseudo-textbook that I'm creating piece by piece over years (almost a decade now) then revisions are natural, almost expected.

I don't know, maybe this is the wrong way to go about doing this, let me know in the comments.

Since this specific video is a bit of a trial run, I'm not committed to a release. This isn't just the preview a day before I export the final version: there's a chance you're getting a peek at a video that will never be released.