Final Invitation To Join Us On Patreon...

Published on 2019-10-25

Greetings Drip Community,

We want to keep this short and sweet, Drip will officially be defunct on November 14, 2019. In preparation, For The Wild has transitioned over to Patreon and we are inviting you to become a member.

Currently, on Patreon, we are offering a Pay What You Can Community Membership, meaning you are able to pledge any dollar amount and receive all of the bonus content we were publishing on Drip. Plus, we are coming up with new material and calling in any requests you might desire. Our goal is to develop exclusive bonus content just for you, but we’re also asking you consider becoming a member if you simply value all the effort we put into the weekly Podcast.

You might have heard on the podcast or read on our other platforms, that right now, more than ever, For The Wild is renewing our commitment to remaining an independent media source. As we step into our 5th year, we are setting intentions to continue holding powerful conversations that simultaneously disrupt the status quo, while seeking to offer alternative suggestions, inspirations, and ways of re-learning and remembering.

We hope to see you as a member on Patreon as we continue to remain an independent voice in the increasingly louder conversations on climate justice, the Anthropocene, ecological renewal, and liberation.

Much Love,

For The Wild