For The Wild is Migrating to Patreon

Published on 2018-12-16

Dear Drip Subscribers/For The Wild Family,

We are so grateful for your contribution to the For The Wild podcast. We are truly in this together and we couldn’t continue to foster important conversations and to share the truth, without the contributions of dear supporters, like you

As some of you may have heard, Drip has decided to partner with XOXO on a new project that will ultimately replace Drip.  Since we heard the news in late October about this change, we’ve been working with the support of the folks at Kickstarter/Drip to figure out what the best solution is to meet For The Wild’s needs. 

With the support of the team at Drip, we’ve decided to migrate our platform for supporting the podcast over to Patreon. Over on Patreon, we’ve re-created all the same tier structures and rewards that you’ve come to know through Drip. We also want to be sure you know that we are deeply thankful for you and we are committed to continuing to provide and to expand the quality content we offer, as we make this move.

Before we publicly launch on Patreon, we wanted to share this news with you and to offer you a special gift for taking this journey alongside us as we migrate our content over to Patreon.  If you choose to join us on Patreon by December 31, 2018, you will receive all 4 parts of our series of exclusive, in the field footage of Ayana and Peter McCoy at the Reciprocity Retreat. 

As an additional incentive to join us over on Patreon, we are delighted to share that in addition to the regular content that we’ve providing on Drip, we have upcoming content headed to our Patreon subscribers in the new year, including premium webinar content with Rising Appalachia, Rosemary Gladstar, George Monbiot and more! We are also currently working on new interactive models for engagement with our supporters so you can expect new rewards and new and exciting content over at Patreon, from Ayana and our team at For The Wild . 

In order to make the move with us, you simply need to cancel your Drip subscription and join us over on Patreon! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions about how to move with us from Drip to Patreon. We want to be a support during this process and to make this process and comfortable and smooth as possible. 

Thanks again, so much for your continued support. You are an essential part of our work and we seriously couldn’t do it without you. 

With Our Deepest Gratitude,

Ayana Young & The For The Wild Team