We’re Migrating To Patreon...

Published on 2019-09-09

Beloved Community,

Drip is ending and we are asking you to migrate with us to Patreon!

Back in 2018, we launched our platform on Drip with the intention of building community support & providing access to special bonus content.

Since our inception, For The Wild has remained dedicated to lifting voices that are otherwise unheard of in the mainstream media. Our desire to remain an independent media alternative is stronger than ever, but this, of course, relies on your continued support.

We know some of you have been supporting us since the beginning, & we cannot thank you enough. With Drip closing shop this week, Friday, September 13th, we are hoping you will continue your support on our new Patreon.

What’s different about Patreon?

With Drip you had several options to pledge different amounts & receive different bonus content accordingly. On Patreon, we’ve created a “Pay What You Can Community Membership,” meaning whether you contribute $1 a month or $100 a month, you will have access to the exact same content we put out each week. We want to practice what we preach, & we believe in making our content as accessible as possible, only asking that you give what you can while considering how much you value our weekly releases and curated content.

For four years we have been doing this podcast with little to no funding, & are so grateful for the community that has powered us forward financially, emotionally, and intellectually! We look forward to being able to say that we are remaining community-powered. Join our Patreon community, & become a patron today to keep nourishing our work.



[Image by Sera Lindsey, from our 2018 Reciprocity Retreat.]