Dreaming new worlds with words and images, ink and pixels. I'll drop something whimsical on your desk, at least once a month.

When I was younger, I dreamed of living in a barn or a boathouse. 

Something with a loft up top for dreaming, stars and open sky outside, and a long flat floor below that was home to many workstations: poetry, painting, drawing, jewelry making, fiction, theory, photography. A place where I could move between workbenches, making things, many things, all at once.

In time, I did move to a barn -- an old carriage house called Wit's End -- and while it doesn't have enough floor space for a lot of workstations, I'm still working on many things at once.

I write poems, take photographs, I play with fonts, make pen & ink and electronic illustrations. Sometimes I make jewelry. I write, all the time.

And mostly, I make new places with words. Some become poems. Some are stories. Some are novels. A few are theoretical constructs. One became a dog once.

Subscribing to my drip helps make my dream of many workbenches real. You'll be able to see what's happening, weigh in, and often get first notification about upcoming projects, mini-kickstarters for small-batch printings or makings, and more. 

For $2, you get a monthly poem or a drawing, plus peeks at works in progress, news, what I'm reading and more. For $4, you get an additional poem or drawing a month (so TWO total), plus discussion of the creative process behind them and more. 

At higher drip levels, the interaction goes way up, and the whimsy does too. At the higher levels, increasingly regular *live* craft Q&A session will be available, and I'll offer everyone opportunities to talk and ask questions often.

FOUNDING members at any level will get a whimsy at random once a year, and all subscribers will get early heads ups about upcoming projects, including number-limited runs.

It's my hope to make this a conversation place as well about ideas that cross different media, and worlds.

I'm planning to develop some resources for several youth writing groups and schools I work with and I'll talk to you about that journey as well.

I'm excited to have you join me on this adventure.

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