I'm in! Inktober Challenge - Public Post

Published on 2018-10-01

Hi friends - I'm declaring my intent to do my first-ever #inktober this month - likely with a weekly update to drip members (Meadow and up) that includes behind-the scenes notes. You can see the ink elsewhere (instagram), but the notes are for us!

And, hey, if some LOUDBIRDS sneak in to inktober, I won't be sad at all. I'm moving forward with that project, but not as fast as I'd like!

So, because I still need to write some words and finish the Table of Contents newsletter for this month, and work on LOUDBIRD, some quick notes on the first prompt - #poisonous...

... which totally didn't start out being an infographic.

Here's what happened:

My brain: Poisonous. Hmmm. Could draw nightshades. Or hmmm... bottles. There are a lot of cool ways to draw bottles filled with p-- maybe snakes? what about snakes. Or spiders....

The Chemist saw me not working, just staring into space, and asked me what I was thinking about. 

"Poisons," I said.

"I know it's been a tough couple weeks but..."

"No, for Inktober." 

"AH!" He said. Then I had to tell him what inktober is. 

Then I asked, "What's the most poisonous thing you know?" 

"(CH3)2Hg," he replied.  (Because, Chemist.)

That's dimethyl mercury for those of you playing along at home and for a bit I was just going to draw that and a whole bunch of terrible things that Mercury can get up to, then I remembered that the Mercury Rule was challenged last week and I started thinking about color and format and suddenly I wasn't just drawing, I was in full infographic mode, with bonus sarcastic mini-mercury action figures running around. 

(ink notes, as requested by a brilliant supporter: )

  • In the Sailor Shikisai (EF nib), Sailor Jentle ink (black)
  • In the TWSBI Eco (F nib), Sailor Ink of Naotora

So, hey, to brighten your Monday, have something poisonous: my first inktober2018 drawing... with more to come!

image copyright, Fran Wilde
image copyright, Fran Wilde